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GGko Hack Beta (1745) XP+VISTA

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The Functions :


* Atack to other nation char.

* Not use very muxh cpu and ram..

* Use arrow skills not use mp

* Spammable CS

* Wall Hack

* Speed Lock

* Char Lock

* Auto Party

* Invisible

* Auto Repair

* Undead ( Spam 1 hp)

* if no exp in 5 mins give me alarm

* Open Pus

* Marchant

* Open Anvil

* Delos (only for 1. servers)

* Target Infos(Coordinates, distance, ID, percent HP)

* Ex Calculator (Ramain Mob)

* using HP and MP pots for percent remain

* Auto Minor

* Lupine eyes

* Partye Auto Swift

* Select mob manually

* Run to mob

* Auto Wolf

* Only choose 1 mob while it dead

* You can choose your attck speed

* You can create mob list for attack it so create radius (example for male atackers)*

* Unlimited GM name add for check GM

* Z+R+1 or combo for nale atackers

* Auto Heal,Buff,AC like HF

* Auto TS

* NAtion changer

* Chat system

* Go to a coordinates

* Warrior Attack with not use mana

* All bugs fixed

* Mana pot bugs fixed.

* Select Mob bugs Fixed (you can select when game window active)

* Süper Archer Added (don't work with Crosbows)

* GM Chech save and load list bugs fixed

* Timer skills bug fixed

* Auto wolf to party bugs fixed

* faster attack

* Online Support with MSN added in MSN tab

* You can see online player on your server ("Oyundakiler tab")

* Auto BDW join

* You can update pointers with pointer.ini when ko patched



to do :


Mage attack

İf no party town me

if a party member's Hp under %50 Teleport him (for mages)

Some NPC's and cakes

go to location when you died







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